About Me

Name: Vix (also known as Dojo)
Alias: VixDojo, Vix, Dojo.
Age: 33
Orientation: Asexual/Anti-sexual
Politics: I'm a registered Republican voter
Likes and Dislikes: Coming soon
Biography: Coming soon
Contact: Click here
I actually have two pen names, one is Vix (which is actually an acronym of victory, intelligence and xylography), while the other is Dojo. This is where 'VixDojo' came from. I always go by one of my two pen names as I rather keep my real name private so no stranger finds me.

I am a reclusive, ineffectual loner with Autism Spectrum Disorder who enjoys knowing more about the world. Is now the founder of future indie game developer Studio Vix/Dojo.

Homeschooled since 7 years old, unemployed and living with my parents. Very happy and lucky to grow up into the person I am now. I hope to achieve an indefinite lifespan in my lifetime.

The fox paw used as the website's icon is drawn and designed by me.




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