Contact Information


Unfortunately, due to safety reasons and managing my reputation, I'm not going to show any contact information. I don't want to get spammed nor have my identity stolen. I'm aware that there are scammers/spammers and hackers out there infesting the Internet, and I don't want them getting me, using my address, nor ruining my stuff.

This is why I don't have a Facebook account, decided not to have one and refuse to have one, because of all the controversy surrounding it. Sorry if that disappointed you.

However, you can send me an e-mail if you got something to say (such as wanting or asking permission to use my artwork), but no spam, please. I don't want to be bothered. This is why I mentioned my e-mail address in a safe, secure way where it cannot be hacked nor spammed. This is a useful article on how to protect your address from spam, and it was helpful to me.


The fox paw used as the website's icon is drawn and designed by me.